1What is the difference between MaxiClean Service Vouchers and Sodexo?
MaxiClean Service Vouchers is the accredited agency that employs your domestic assistant. You can contact MaxiClean Service Vouchers for all things related to the work of your assistant (a change in schedule, suspension of their activities, to request a replacement, encryption of electronic service vouchers, etc.)
Sodexo is the official and exclusive provider of service vouchers in Belgium. It is Sodexo who assigns you with a user number. It is from Sodexo that you order your service vouchers. You can contact Sodexo for issues related to service vouchers (the tracking of your orders, your payments, the balance of your online account, etc.)
2Does MaxiClean accept service vouchers from all three regions (Brussels Capital, Wallonia and Flanders)?
Yes, MaxiClean Service Vouchers is approved by all three regions and accepts service vouchers from all of them.
3Does MaxiClean accept the two types of Service Vouchers (paper and electronic)?
Yes, MaxiClean Service Vouchers accepts both types of voucher.
4Can my domestic assistant work if I have not received my service vouchers?*
Yes, Your assistant can work provided that you sign a “missing cheque” declaration (that domestic assistants always have with them) for all unpaid services. *Please note our payment terms & conditions by clickinghere.
5When should I give the service vouchers to my domestic assistant?*
Paper service vouchers:at the end of each service..
Electronic service vouchers: please regularly top up your supply of service vouchers and monitor your online account on a weekly basis. *Please note our payment terms & conditions by clicking here. .
6What is the minimum and maximum number of hours a day that my domestic assistant can work?
One service lasts at least 3 hours with the same client. A working day lasts 9 hours at most (including a break), with either one or several clients.
7Can I use my service vouchers for occasional cleaning (when moving house…)?
Yes.We can organise an occasional visit (of at least three hours) for one or more domestic assistants who work together in order to thoroughly clean your house/apartment after moving. Cleaning products and supplies are provided by the client. Please note our payment terms & conditions by clicking here.


1How do I register with Sodexo?
Registering is easy – you can register online in just two minutes. You will need your national registration number (or NISS, which can be found on the reverse of your Belgian ID card). Depending on the region where you have your main home, please click on: Brussels Capital,, Wallonia, Flanders.
2I don't have a national registration number (NISS), how do I register with Sodexo?
If you don’t have a national registration number, you can request one at a public service desk in your municipality.
3Where do I order my service vouchers?
I am registered with Sodexo and I have a Sodexo user number: simply make a transfer to the Sodexo account for your region (Brussels Capital, Wallonia, Flanders..)
4How much does one service voucher cost?
One service voucher costs €9. Next year, you will benefit from a tax reduction which will be different for each region: I have my main home in the region of Brussels Capital, Wallonia,, Flanders..
5How many service vouchers can I order each year?
Each adult member of the household can buy a maximum of 500 service vouchers. A household can order up to 1000 service vouchers a year. A household includes all of the people who are registered at the same address, according to the certificate of household composition of the population register. Each adult member in a household can buy a maximum of 500 service vouchers – the 200 last service vouchers purchased by the household (the 801st to 1000th) are priced at €10 each.
6What is the minimum number of Service Vouchers that I can order?
The minimum number of service vouchers that can be ordered is 10 (or €90), but you can order 17, 23, 46, etc. The sum to be paid by bank transfer amounts to €9 x the number of service vouchers ordered.
IMPORTANT: When making a bank transfer, simply quote your 12-digit personal user number. Attention! Don’t quote any further information as this could prevent the automatic processing of your order.
7What tax reduction can I benefit from?
My main home is in Brussels Capital, so I benefit from a tax credit of €1.35/service voucher for the first 155 vouchers.
My main home is in Flanders, so I benefit from a tax credit of €2.70/service voucher for the first 155 vouchers.
My main home is in Wallonia, so I benefit from a tax credit of €0.90/service voucher for the first 150 vouchers.
8When will I receive my tax certificate?
During May of the following year.
9What should I do if I don’t receive my service vouchers?
Send the appropriate form to Sodexo, by post, which can be downloaded below according to your region: Brussels Capital, Flanders, Wallonia..
10How do I find out the balance of my online account?
On your online account you will find on the tab bar on the left of the screen “my electronic wallet”, which states the number of service vouchers you have available.
11How do I confirm/dispute a service?
On your online account you will find on the tab bar on the left of the screen "service tracking". Under the heading “confirm/dispute”, click on the appropriate action for the services in question to confirm or dispute them.
12How do I view the service history?
On your online account you will find on the tab bar on the left of the screen "service tracking". Under the heading “confirmed services” the “date range” tab will give you an overview of all services paid for.
13What is the difference between the paper and the electronic service vouchers?
The paper service vouchers appear in the form of a cheque that you receive in your letterbox and which you hand to the assistant when they come to work. Electronic service vouchers are virtual cheques which are downloaded to your online account a few hours after payment (services are encoded and nothing needs to be printed).
14How long are service vouchers valid?
In Brussels Capital: 6 months
In Flanders: 8 months
In Wallonia: 8 months
15What services cannot be paid for with service vouchers?
You can use the service vouchers solely for your private needs (to help you with your household management) and not for any professional activities (cleaning of an office, a waiting room, common areas, rooms being rented out, etc.).

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