What are service vouchers?

The service voucher system was set up by the state to ensure that domestic assistants have a proper employment contract and full social security cover. A service voucher is a cheque bought by an individual to pay for a domestic assistant to complete an hour of work in their home. Essentially, you pay for the services of your domestic assistant by giving them the appropriate number of service vouchers. MaxiClean Service Vouchers, in turn, takes care of all the associated employment and payment formalities. Your peace of mind is guaranteed with MaxiClean Service Vouchers!
Qualifications of our staff
MaxiClean Service Vouchers selects assistants with previous professional experience, who are driven and highly motivated.
MaxiClean Service Vouchers is committed to finding a domestic assistant who will best meet your needs (we can even employ your current assistant).
In case of a workplace accident, your assistant is covered. So there's no need to take out “domestic worker” insurance.
Always the same assistant
The continuity of having the same assistant ensures increased satisfaction and better follow-up.


What jobs can you pay for with service vouchers?

You can pay for household chores to be done in your main home or in your second home, namely:

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